Alternative fuels produced by the expert for waste utilization in Salzburg

Alternative fuels or secondary fuels are manufactured from wastes such as, plastic - their importance is constantly increasing.

The times of classic waste incineration without a sensible manner of use of energy/heat are long gone. Prohibition to store unprocessed wastes is already, with few exceptions, a reality. Moreover, there have been irreversible preventive means introduced in the UR by means of RL wastes limits and strategy of waste avoidance. The future task of the waste trade will be production of highly calorific and homogeneous alternative fuel from industrial wastes or other wastes such as plastic.

When waste is converted into raw materials: highly calorific alternative fuels by the expert for waste utilization and waste logistics - Pieringer Group.

The Pieringer Group, operating on international markets, has recognised the trend early and has been selling highly calorific - secondary fuels and alternative fuels for years. As a utilization enterprise and specialist within the scope of waste logistics, we are especially active on the regional market, as solutions within the scope of waste utilization servicing distances exceeding 400 km cannot prove successful in the long run.


Our highly qualified team will organise the entire export procedure for alternative fuels subject to reporting - along with cost-efficient transport of the alternative fuel to the place of destination.

Your strong partner in the introduction of secondary fuels to the market.

We can offer you collection and utilization of the following raw materials in entire Europe:

  • EBS Alternative fuel
  • IBS Industrial fuel
  • BRAM Fuel from wastes
  • SBS Secondary fuel
  • RDF Refuse Derived Fuel
  • CDR Combustibile Derivato dai Rifiuti (Waste-Derived Fuel)

Whether it regards plastic, waste oil or industrial wastes - we will market your alternative fuel professionally.

The Pieringer Group has been one of the leaders in the distribution of alternative fuels from the very beginning, therefore we can offer you broad knowledge in this field. If you are interested in alternative fuels and secondary fuels, please contact our team. We are awaiting your enquiries!