Solutions within in the field of utilization and processing of ferrous metals.

Many years of experience in the utilization of ferrous scrap metal (ferrous metals), provided by the industry and businesses

The Pieringer Group has gained a solid position on the European market in the field of processing of ferrous scrap metal and its utilization. We deal with recycling, collecting and the sale of any quality and type of ferrous metals, such as ferrous scrap metal and steel scrap metal.

Sorting, processing, treatment, sale and classification of all types of ferrous metals by the Pieringer Group, the best partner in the field of processing of ferrous scrap metal.

Constantly available Liquidity is obligatory in the field of ferrous and steel scrap metal processing. . We are credit insurred and are able to achive credit insurance of up to 200.000 euro and more at various credit bureaus. Due to this fact our customers enjoy security, also when dealing with expensive raw materials or secondary materials such as steel scrap metal.

Rely on a professional and experienced partner - PAV Pieringer Abfall Verwertung GmbH in the field of processing of ferrous scrap metal

We will perform a trial load of ferrous scrap metal, steel scrap metal, scrap metal from the foundries or electronic wastes for you with pleasure. We offer utilization (including transport) of the following raw materials:


Ferrous scrap metal - e.g.:

  • E1 Light scrap metal recovered from steel, cut < 6 mm thick
  • E3 Heavy scrap metal recovered from steel, cut < 6 mm thick
  • E6 Light technological scrap metal recovered from steel < 3 mm thick – in packets
  • E8 Light steel scrap metal < 3 mm thick - refined for direct use as a raw material
  • E40 Fragmented steel scrap metal
  • E46 Fragmented scrap metal from waste incineration
  • MBA scrap metal
  • Electronic wastes

Professional waste utilization and processing of recycled materials

Are you interested in trading raw materials or purchasing ferrous scrap metal or electronic wastes? If so, please send us your enquiry. Our team will answer all your questions and provide assistance.