Notifications in case of waste export

As a member of Pieringer Group, I.S.G. Industrieservice und Sanierungs GmbH is currently the first contact for proper notification of wastes and various export processes in Austria.

In 1998 the Pieringer Group established I.S.G., Industrieservice und Sanierungs GmbH, as an autonomous company with a specialisation in two export fields, thus international waste utilization and disposal of aged contamination. This allows us to react quickly to the globalisation process within the scope of waste utilization and disposal of problematic and hazardous wastes.

I.S.G. was the pioneer in the field of waste export – as the first provider of notifications of wastes from Austria to Germany in 1998.

In the case of exports of wastes subject to notifications such as utilization of hazardous materials (utilization of asbestos, etc.), a special permit is required (as per the EU Regulation regarding transport of wastes, 1013/2006) both in the export country and the import country. At peak times, we deposited approx. 10 million euro in securities to the Austrian Ministry of Environmental Protection


We provide and take care of the entire notification process of your wastes for the purpose of waste utilization abroad and, thus, we offer solutions connected with the transfer of liability and duties “directly upon loading” (along with financial guarantee).

The “turn key” notification from I.S.G. does not cause any additional work compared to a regular form of waste utilization in your country.

Upon the request of the customer, we also provide support and adivsory within the scope of notifications. We can offer the following services within this scope:

  • Selection of a proper foreign processing device
  • Filing a petition for notification
  • Contacting the office
  • Administrative conduct and supervision of the notification process
  • Completion of notification

WE DO NOT OFFER: Financial guarantee for third parties in offices!

It will be our pleasure to provide you with our many years of know-how within the scope of notification and international waste utilization.

Whether you intend to utilize construction rubble or you are interested in processing electronic scrap metal - PAV’s experience in the field of waste removal allows to offer a broad range of services, up to notifications for the export of wastes. Arrange an appointment with us and learn more about waste utilization and their processing during a non-binding conversation.