Open a new chapter and begin paper recycling

Paper belongs to the raw materials which are perfectly suited for recycling - there are multiple products to be manufactured from waste paper.

Waste paper accounts for 70% of the most important materials for production of new paper. Every day we use significant amounts of waste paper which, as a secondary material for the paper industry can contribute to a great extent to the protection of natural raw materials.

Collection of waste paper is mandatory for many enterprises and households - new products are manufactured from this raw material as a result of recycling.

Paper recycling and collection of waste paper do not have a long history. The first actions within the scope of waste paper collection and paper recycling where commenced in Austria at the beginning of the 80’s. Contrary to paper utilization - a simple utilization of this valuable raw material, the recycling of paper results in manufaturing such products as newspapers and cardboards.

The trade in waste paper and paper recycling are currently in deep reorganization.

In direct comparison with paper recycling and utilization of paper or waste paper, we can currently notice more advantageous types of activity and we plan to conduct the next assessment of trade in waste paper in 2016. We can offer you a variety of services as recycling and utilization of paper, potentially in case of the following paper types:

  • Cardboard and waste paper (all types)
  • Mixed paper
  • Newspapers
  • W52 – waste corrugated board
  • Products collected from households
  • Multi-print
  • Used labels from the drinks industry
  • Layer paper (tetrapak, bundles, etc.)

The entire world of utilization and processing of secondary materials under one roof - the Pieringer Group, your utilization enterprise in Europe.

The Pieringer Group does not only support you in the utilization of paper and its recycling - we will also help you with pleasure in the subject of the utilization of specified secondary materials such as construction wastes, aluminium chips or bulk wastes. Please contact our team directly - we are glad we can advise you.