Plastic - utilization and processing of various plastics.

The Pieringer Group has properly adjusted its operations to the development of European processing solutions for plastic.

Pieringer Abfall Verwertung GmbH has established itself as a recognised, highly specialised service provider within the scope of utilization of plastic and its processing in Austria. Our experience in trading in raw materials allows us to offer you individual solutions within the scope of processing and utilization of plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, HDPE, mixed plastics and other.

A specialist within the scope of processing and utilization of agricultural foils such as greenhouse foil, asparagus foil, tunnel foil, strawberry foil and natural foil.

In the field of processing/recycling/re-granulation of agricultural foils, we are one of the leaders in central Europe. Various qualities of foil with different levels of contamination require specialised technologies to achive optimal processing. We currently cooperate with seven well-known European recycling enterprises which allows us to offer you the best conditions within the scope of agricultural foils such as silo foil, PR unwoven fabric as well as all tunnel foils.

Best references in the field of utilization, recycling and processing of plastics.

In cooperation with the Maschinenring group, located in Salzburg, we introduced a nation-wide collection service for silo foil. The members of the Maschinenring group have accepted this uniform, effective and cost-efficient system for collecting plastic and agricultural foil.


Whether it regards sorted or mixed cargos of plastic - our service portfolio in the trade of plastic is broad:


  • LDPE Colour foil
  • LDPE Natural foil
  • LDPE Foil 98/2
  • LDPE Foil 95/5
  • LDPE Protective foil for varnishing
  • LDPE Protective canvas covers
  • LDPE Waste cuttings
  • LDPE Coiled nodules
  • LDPE Ground material
  • LDPE Granulate bags
  • LDPE Regranulate
  • HDPE Regranulate
  • HDPE Waste cuttings
  • HDPE Enamel cuttings
  • HDPE Natural foil
  • HDPE Canisters
  • HDPE Barrels
  • HDPE Ground material
  • HDPE Household bottles
  • HDPE Cases
  • HDPE Trash bins
  • PE Ground tubes
  • PO Ground caps
  • PET natural bottles
  • PET colour bottles
  • PET for sorting
  • PET Blisters
  • PET Foil
  • PET Flakes
  • PET Enamel cuttings
  • ABS PC casings
  • ABS
  • PS Cups
  • PP PS Cups
  • PP PS Packaging
  • PET Packing belts
  • PP Packing belts
  • DSD Foil 310
  • DSD PET 325
  • DSD PET 328
  • Technical plastics
  • PP Big bags
  • PP Ground material
  • PPS Enamel cuttings
  • PP Cases
  • PE PP Hard plastics
  • Hard plastics

Agricultural foils

  • LLDPE - Linear Low Density Polyethylene
  • LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene
  • HDPE - High Density Polyethylene
  • Vegetable foil
  • Asparagus foil
  • Cucumber foil
  • Fruit foil
  • Raspberry foil
  • Strawberry foil
  • White, black, natural, transparent agricultural foil.
  • Contaminated, clean, thick, thin agricultural foil.
  • Light green agricultural foil
  • Strips for irrigation
  • Hoses for irrigation
  • Pocket (Collection of light green, white silo foil or without network, as bale goods)
  • PP Unwoven fabric - polypropylene unwoven fabric

From PVC recycling to PET bottle recycling - PAV deals with professional utilization and processing of your plastics.

Polypropylene and polyethylene as well as other plastics can be easily processed and they are frequently searched for as secondary materials. We will be pleased to deal with transportation and processing for you. Our team will happily guide you through all possible options for your plastic wastes. Contact us online - it will be our pleasure to advise you!