This is how we dispose of your wooden railway wastes

Utilization of old railway sleepers is, similarly as in case of utilization of other contaminated wood, governed by strict regulations.

If you intend to utilize great quantities of sleepers, you have made the right choice, seeking our assistance, , as we are the leading Austrian company in the field of processing and utilization of sleepers. We have achieved the position of a recognised and highly qualified service provider within the scope of utilization of sleepers.

Chose a reliable partner in the matter of wood utilization, processing of old wood and utilization of old sleepers - I.S.G. Industrieservice und Sanierungs GmbH, being a member of the Pieringer Group.

The possibilities to process of contaminated wood is limited in Austria. In addition, old sleepers, as hazardous waste, are governed by the EWC declaration 170204 and are subject to special obligations connected with marking and reporting. We have focused on the field of European solutions regarding utilization of old wood a long time ago. Therefore we can offer you processing and sales of sleepers in Europe as well as many years of experience within the scope of wood utilization.

Proper utilization of wood from old sleepers - easily and quickly.

Our qualified team for wood utilization is at your service within the scope of export of sleepers subject to reporting and professional utilization of sleepers. Basically, our enterprise operates as a party performing notification agent and, thus, offering a complete solution including the transfer of risk and obligations “on site” (with security) to our customers during utilization of wood and sleepers. Therefore, within the scope of utilization of old wooden sleepers, we are responsible for the “turn-key” notification, along with the transport of wood to the place of destination. Due to this, the processing and utilization of sleepers does not cause any additional workload for you, compared to classical disposal within your country.


As a company with international experience, we would be really pleased to offer you europe-wide collection and processing of the following raw materials:

  • Flattened sleepers = sleepers without iron
  • Full sleepers = sleepers with iron (pins and slabs)
  • Oil impregnated masts and similar wastes (e.g. parquet)

The experts within the scope of wood utilization and processing of old railway sleepers - I.S.G. Industrieservice und Sanierungs GmbH or PAV Pieringer Abfall Verwertung GmbH.

See how we do business - with handshake quality. Our objective are long-term commercial relationships, strengthened by mutual trust. Contact us online - our team will answer all questions within the scope of processing of sleepers or utilization of wood and give you an overview of the costs in connection with the utilization of sleepers. We are awaiting your enquiries!