Waste utilization/disposal - we will take care of that for you!

Pieringer Group offers full service utilization of hazardous and harmful waste products nationally and abroad.

Cost pressure caused by exporting low income countries forces companies to focus on cost reduction methods - also in the matter of waste utilization. Due to our extensive knowledge in the field of waste utilization we are able to improve your competitiveness by reducing your waste management costs - while meeting all statutory requirements.

Cost-efficient utilization of problematic raw materials or other wastes products at your utilization enterprise.

Our qualified team dealing with waste utilization or utilization logistics will design customised solutions for your needs. Ensured deliveries, quality and price as well as customer satisfaction constitute for us - from classic waste utilization to the disposal of special waste, Your waste will be treated with thermal, physical, chemical and biological processing methods, taking into account environmental protection and legal requirements, and will be subsequently recycled or disposed.

Cost-efficient and comprehensive solution for your waste management - waste utilization by the Pieringer Group

A small extract from our service portfolio in the field of waste utilization and disposal of harmful raw materials:

  • Check of processing and utilization possiblitites, along with designing of the recycling processes of your residues or wastes as well as integration within the existing recycling processes.
  • Processing of full utilization logistics and transport documentation, along with transport to the destination place.
  • Development of waste management concept
  • Deployment of waste agents

Hazardous wastes - utilisation and disposal:

  • Inorganic sludge / filter cakes
  • Oil sludge / filter cakes, e.g. after tank cleaning
  • Oily production agents (wastes from car garages and petrol stations)
  • Production agents containing solvents
  • Earth excavations, contaminated soil
  • Railway ballast
  • Sludge from varnish and paints
  • Old oils
  • Oil separators
  • Emulsions
  • Solvents / mixtures of water and solvents 
  • Furnaces with night tanks / refrigerators / fluorescent lamps
  • Hospital wastes
  • Production specific wastes 
  • Process waters / industrial sewage sludge 
  • Acid and lye / stains

Safe wastes - services connected with utilization

  • Utilization of wastes from plastics
  • Utilization of wastes the paper industry
  • Utilization / processing of household wastes and industrial wastes
  • Utilization of old wood and railway sleepers
  • Utilization of sand from the foundry
  • Utilization of rubble
  • Utilization of sewage sludge / sewage sludge composting
  • Utilization of organic wastes from biogas devices
  • Utilization of electronic wastes
  • Utilization of mixed plastics from mechanical processing

Whether it regards processing of commercial wastes or utilization of hazardous wastes - we are your reliable partner in the field of waste management.

Whether you intend to utilize construction rubble or electronic wastes - in the matter of utilization, recycling, disposal of special wastes and utilization of other wastes, you have made the correct choice by working with the Pieringer Group. Our team supports you willingly in the matter of processing or utilization of wastes - please send us an e-mail or contact us by telephone, we will assist you happily!