Processing and utilization of waste tyres at the Pieringer Group

Utilization of tyres or processing of waste tyres is one of specialities of PAV Pieringer Abfall Verwertung GmbH.

In the fild of waste tyre processing Pierringer cooperates with leading European enterprises dealing with processing and utilization. This allows us to offer optimal solutions within the scope of utilization and processing of waste tyres. We constantly keep searching for the latest devices in Europe - due to this, you benefit from attractive prices for tyre utilization and waste tyre processing.

Our motivated and international team incorporates your requests and requirements during waste tyre processing and export.

The range of our services includes processing, utilization and sale of all types of waste tyres, Along with export or transportation to the place of destination. As a utilization enterprise we obviously have at our disposal important “green list agreements” with our partners within the scope of processing.

As a trustworthy partner, we ensure timely delivery, quality and price during the processing of waste tyres and the utilization of tyres.

We have an excellent position on international markets within the scope of waste utilization and waste tyre processing and we are happy to offer you a competitive advantage in the following fields:

  • Tyres for trucks with rims
  • Tyres for trucks without rims
  • Tyres for passenger cars with rims
  • Tyres for passenger cars without rims
  • Chains for excavators
  • Full rubber tyres

Waste tyre processing and utilization at the waste disposal company PAV - from chains for excavators to full rubber tyres.

If you are interested in cost estimations within the scope of waste tyre utilization and if you wish to learn more about the export and waste tyre processing, our team will answer all your questions within the scope of waste management - please send us your enquiry online!